Meeting Recap: Emily Mann

-Sarah Stoflet- PRSSA had the pleasure of having Emily Mann, the Sacramento Kings Public Relations Coordinator, as a guest speaker on Wednesday, March 18.  Emily graduated from Gonzaga University and was hired as a PR Intern for the Kings in October 2016, and one year later was hired as the PR coordinator. Emily gave PRSSAContinue reading “Meeting Recap: Emily Mann”

The Meeting Where Sac Republic FC’s PR Team Spoke

-Rachael Botti- Last Thursday, the chapter had its last guest speakers for the semester. The Executive Board was thrilled to welcome back Will Strome and John Jacobs, two noteworthy gentlemen in Sac Republic FC’s Communications/Public Relations Department.  Pre-COVID, the chapter was given a gracious opportunity in the spring to go to Sac Republic’s headquarter officeContinue reading “The Meeting Where Sac Republic FC’s PR Team Spoke”

5 Ways to Keep Calm During the Pandemic, Finals and Life

–Lindsay White– This year, we can all agree, has been very stressful and has caused some anxiety and stress. There have been so many changes to our daily lives, from having to start online classes, working from home, quarantining and more. Luckily, there are things people can do to relieve stress or ease their anxiety.Continue reading “5 Ways to Keep Calm During the Pandemic, Finals and Life”


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